Forum Thread: How to Be Eco-Friendly When Buying Disposable Cutlery?

Environmentalists run away as soon as they hear the adjective disposable!

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We all know that for its own nature disposable things are made to be used once, or any way for a short time, and then to be thrown away, that's why they massively contribute to waste and pollution, not to mention the loss of lives at sea.

There is no surprise that countries are starting to ban, unnecessary disposable items such as straws.

However, not all disposable products are the same and sometimes they are necessary.
For example, let's consider disposable cutlery, which will be the focus of the article.

Of course, you would rather use standard stainless steel cutlery, but this is not always possible, due to costs and logistic. Think about a massive event with hundreds of people, it would be impossible to utilise standard cutlery because of the cost of transport and also the water and electricity used to wash so much cutlery.

When using disposable cutlery is necessary, it can be done in a way that prevents the negative consequences to the environment or at least it drastically reduces them.

What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Disposable Cutlery?

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to be green even with disposable cutlery, the best choice is buying biodegradable cutlery.

There are various types of biodegradable cutlery, the most common ones are bamboo or wood and plastic.

The bamboo and wood option might be considered the best because the main material is natural, however, you must know that this type of disposable cutlery is often very fragile and for this reason, it isn't efficient. If each party guest has to use two forks or knives because of their breakability, the apparent environment advantage is nullified.

Let's consider the biodegradable plastic cutlery. In this case, the plastic is a green one, as it degrades quickly in the environment. Unlike the standard plastic, the biodegradable one is able to break down, the time span varies according to the specific composition but it ranges from 2 to 18 months. Whilst the normal plastic can take up to 1000 years!

The other advantage of this material is its durability, in fact, it tends to be heavy-duty. Often the durability depends on the manufacturer too.

To conclude, disposable sounds bad but it is not if you choose heavy-duty biodegradable disposable cutlery, which lasts long and degrade in the environment.

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