Forum Thread: Get to Know All About the Different Types of Kisses

Kisses mean differently to each any person of that particular age group. On one side where it can be a way to show love and feelings between two partners, it can be a way of being affectionate towards a child by his mother. Different types of kisses mean different things. These are some popular types of kisses:

1) Forehead kiss- it shows that you care, love and adore your partner. It instils a feeling of being complete and fosters commitment.

2) Eskimo kiss- it is done by rubbing the noses of partners against each other. This is a kind of playful kiss that exhibits a naughty behaviour when partners are cuddling together.

3) French kiss- it is the most intimate form of kisses that gives you a feeling of being owed to that person. It exhibits love, passion and is a measure how intimate and comfortable the couple is together.

4) Single lip kiss- this is a very intimate form of kiss which plays its magic in the act of foreplay. It arouses the sexual desires of both the partners and leads to a passionate time

5) Hand kiss- it is the classic sign of representing that you owe your woman. It is also a silent promise which means that you would love her forever.

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