Forum Thread: Is organic wine really free of sulfites?

Is organic wine really free of sulfites?

Lots of people suffer from sulfite sensitivity. If I buy organic wine, can I expect to be avoiding sulfites (and the subsequent headaches?)

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Great question project queen. Unfortunately no, organic wine is not free of sulfites. No wine is free of sulfites it is a common misconception about organic wine. Here is a great link that I found from an organic wine site that I found helpful! Happy Drinking!

K.  Totally a newbie when it comes to anything organic.  But is this why I get headaches?  From the sulfites?  Heck, I don't even know what sulfites are.  Care to enlighten?

newbies are great! we are all always learning! yes there is something that causes headaches in red wine for some people but it has not been pinpointed yet exactly. Sorry to be so vague but here is a good link to give you more info. Welcome to organic living!

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