Forum Thread: Toothpaste without the Toxins

I grew up on Arm & Hammer toothpaste and I always thought it was healthy and safe. But recently I've been reading lots about the carcinogenic properties of sodium lauryl sulfate and fluoride.

1) What toothpastes do you recommend for avoiding these toxins?

2) Any dentists or MDs out there that want to chime in on the substantive damages of these two ingredients? Is fluoride really that bad for you?


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Tom's of Maine has a great line of natural toothpastes that are usually easily available, but they were recently purchased by Colgate. The website does say that they have maintained their same standards and seek out organic farms that have sustainable harvesting. This would be my best bet, but always look at labels to be sure and let me know if you hear of anything better!

Just a note - I'm currently using Tom's as I am prone to canker sores. I looked at the ingredient list and it still contains sodium lauryl sulfates, which aggravate them. The only toothpaste brand I've found that doesn't is Rembrandt's Canker Sore one, but I'm pretty sure they're not organic. Also, I discussed my switch with my dentist and she mentioned that her other patients who use Tom's come in with a lot of gum problems. 

here's a snopes rundown on whether sodium lauryl sulfate causes cancer

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