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Flu can gift you with the period of miseries. Normally it shows off fever but other bad indication of body ache, cough and congestion can make it go even worse.

Influenza ordinarily known as flu is a kind of viral infection normally targeting the respiratory system affecting nose, throat, lungs and sinus. It may sound less concerning however; it can be very dangerous for elderly people, infants, children, those already suffering from chronic medical conditions and people with the weak immune system.

Flu symptoms:
Sporting the flu symptoms before treating the flu:
• A cough
• A headache
• Fever
• Chill
• Fatigue
• Muscle aches
• A sore throat
• Gastrointestinal issues
• Vomiting which more common children
How To Treat The Flu at Home:

To stop the flu from reaching the level of severity it should be caught and treated at the earliest. Are there any particular considerations for people with flu when considering how to treat the flu?

Below are the flu treatments at home:

  1. Get some rest:

You many get involved in your daily routine with cold but the condition is different with flu. It is server and thus requires time to recover.

With flu comes congestion and lying down with the help of an extra pillow can let you breathe easily.
Since the flu is very much contagious, it is always better to stay back at home rather than infecting others.

  1. Staying hydrated:

Fever is the not so hidden reason behind dehydration. By keeping your body dehydrated you can give a tough fight to the flu.

• Drink some hot fluids like warm water added with lemon and tea this will soothe your sinus and give relief to your throat.

• Flu gives you loss of appetite and nausea and some warm soup can supply food and water both to your body. It is a good way of keeping your upset stomach energized.

• Chicken soup can reduce your respiratory tract inflammation, so if you have a good stomach you can have a cup of it.
• If flu has given you vomiting you should have oral rehydration solution to maintain the electrolyte balance.

• Here you have to avoid some drinks as well like, coffee, soda and alcohol as this cannot supply any nutrition to the body.

  1. Clean mucus from your nose:

Congestion is one of the irritating symptoms of flu and if you want to check on how to cure flu fast, clearing mucus from your nose can help you. It opens the breathing passage preventing ear infection and sinus. To clean the mucus you can use some of these methods:

• Take a hot bath. Hot steam of the water can loosen the mucus.
• Blow your nose, whenever you feel your nose it clogging. It is the easy way though.
• Using a room vaporizer or humidifier can help you breathe with an ease.
• Neti pots are the purely natural way of mucus cleaning.

  1. Use heating pad:

Stomach ache is a normal symptom of the flu and to make the situation a little more comfortable you can use a heating pad. Go with the one you want either an electronic heating pad or the hot water pouch and lay it on your back, stomach and chest whenever you feel the pain.

Take care of the pads temperature; it shouldn't be too hot to burn your skin. Also, remember not to go sleep with the heating pad or hot water pouch.

  1. Salt water gargle:

When it comes to the flu treatment at home, salt water brings up as the best treatment. Some simple salt water solution is able to relieve the flu affected the sore throat.

You just have to mix a tablespoon of salt in a glass of not so warm water and gargle for 2 minutes. Do not swallow the salt water, spit it out.

  1. Cool down the fever with cold damp cloth:

Fever is again a very common flu symptom, and you can give it a fight by keeping a damped cool cloth on your skin.

In addition to the fever, this trick can even soothe the sinus all you have to do is apply cool cloth around the eyes and on your forehead.

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