Forum Thread: What's the best way to start going organic?

Awesome site and awesome resource, Ali.  First question, how do I get started?  The arguments for switching to organic are pretty solid, but 1)I'm broke, 2)I'm not a good cook, and 3)I don't really have time to learn.  Do I have any organic alternatives to my fast food lifestyle?

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My all time favorite site for organic/ natural/ holistic living is   Here's an article that you may find helpful:

Hi Sean. Thanks for the post and the support! Change is always hard so I am so encouraged by your question. A great place to start is to check out the Top 12 foods to buy organic article. Those 12 foods contain the highest amounts of pesticide residues on conventionally grown produce.

To specifically address your three questions here we go.

1) Organic doesn't always have to be expensive here are a couple tricks. If you have a little space or a window planter grow yourself a garden, even if its just herbs. This will save you a ton of dough and educate you at the same time. If that is not possible in your life, go to your farmers markets at the end of the market. Often farmers are looking to get rid of their remaining goods so you are more likely to get a deal, just ask. You may not have as much variety or the pick of the litter, but it will certainly be better then your grocery store.

2) Cooking is simple if you have great produce. Simple recipes let the vegetable shine, so there is no need to cover it up with a fancy sauce or complicated recipe. One of my favorite things is to sautee some kale with a chopped up scallion in some chicken broth. This takes 6 minutes and you can even throw some canned organic beans (I like pinto's) in to beef up this dish and make it into a yummy, simple and cheap meal.

3) In the time it took you to read this post you will have learned something. Also in the same time it takes you to order and pay for your $5 Taco Bell Meal you could have made yourself a kale and bean dish that would have been more cost effective and nutritional for you. Remember its all about baby steps so maybe next time reach for the organic apple instead of the conventional one and little by little your fast food lifestyle will change.

Thank you for your question and I hope you keep reading and posting! Good luck and Happy Eating!

Sean, it is great that you have decided to go organic! I am not going to lie, the transition can be a little difficult, but the benefits are definitely worth it! I think the best and most cost-effective way to go organic is by starting your own garden. It will save you tons of money and you can pick up a new hobby! Here is something to help you get started with your very own organic garden - I hope this helps you out! Best of luck and welcome to the organic way of life :) 

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