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News: It's our organic world! We are all living in it!

Hello World! You found me! My name is Ali Jack and I will be your guide as I continue my journey into learning Organic Living. About a year ago now I was deeply effected by a incredible documentary called Food Inc. . The documentary explores the commercial food industry's detrimental effects on our health and environment. I was profoundly inspired and if you haven't seen it, go!  I was hungry for change and proceeded to discover the world of fabulous farmers markets and boy was food boring be...

News: Plastic Kills?

BPA: Why Plastic Ain't Good For You BPA or Bisphenol A is in many of the products we use. Everything from Ziploc bags to shower curtains, we are exposed to BPA all the time.

News: Pure Luck

Pure Luck is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles. They have tons of vegan options and you can't beat the prices... but it's the organic microbrew selections that really make this place something special and a perfect place to visit on a summer Sunday afternoon. Favorite dish? Tofu pesto sandwich.

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