News: 48 HRs to Stop Monsanto! It takes 1 minute. Start Here!

48 HRs to Stop Monsanto! It takes 1 minute. Start Here!

Hi OLers. Take one minute out of your day and tell your congressman to get to work for you and Food Democracy NOW! Your congrassman has until the end of this week (48 hours) to sign the letter to ask Secretary Tom Vilsack to MAINTAIN the ban on Monsanto's genetically-modified (GMO) Roundup Ready™ alfalfa. You have the power to make the change, make your voice and theirs heard now. Send them this letter today asking them to do what they can to protect organics, farmers and the environment from this potential disaster. It just takes a moment. Lets protect our right to Happy Eating!

Click here to make your voice heard! It only takes 1 minute.

Why care? Here's some reasons why...

* GMO/GE Contamination of non-GMO and organic alfalfa crops will occur
* GMO/GE contamination will economically impact small and family farmers
* Foreign export markets will be at risk due to rejection of GMO/GE contaminated products
* Farmers will be forced to use more toxic herbicides to remove old stands of alfalfa

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