News: OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.

OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.

OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.

Los Angeles is filled with a myriad of options restaurant wise for all of your foodie needs. I am indeed a foodie, but there is nothing better to me then simple produce inspired plates. Here are three of my favorite spots in Los Angeles to find great organic treats all around the city. Happy Eating!


Square One Dining- Oh my mouth waters at the thought of your farmers market fruit bowl filled with plucots and cherries while their chorizo gruyere baked egg dish feels like someone is doing a tango on my tongue. This cheerful breakfast and lunch spot is sure to impress natives and out of towners alike. Tucked behind the big blue scientology center in Los Feliz, this little gem has a varied yet not overwhelming menu and is sure to please even the most descerning palates. Their menu utilizes organic, local, and small farm produce when possible and all of the meat products are hormone free. From the moment you arrive there is not way not to leave happy, unless its Monday when they are closed. 

4854 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1654
(323) 661-1109

OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.


M Cafe de Chaya - Food for all! So this place may be macrobiotic but boy I don't miss my meat! This contemporary cuisine will spin any anti vegi on it head. Want your burger no problem, The Big Macro will fill you up without feeling let down. With organic whole-grain brown rice & vegetable burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, sprouts, soy cheese, and special sauce on a fresh-baked whole wheat bun puts the moo on hold while your mouth says more. They also have a delightful selection of a la cart salads (the scarlet quinoa one of my fav's) and a bento box with house made pickles, sweet soba noodles and inari sushi. This place is always packed with people eating happy and a celebrity or two to boot. 

7119 Melrose Avenue

 Los Angeles, CA

 (323) 525-0588

OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.


Gjelina- This place has become an overnight sensation. Through word of mouth, Gjelina's long tapestry covered booths have been crammed into by patrons from all over the LA area. They pack into this unique space clamoring to get a taste of this Euro influenced, American seasonal menu put together by the hunky Travis Lett. With a range of small and large plates, all of the food here is delicious and organic when possible but this reservation seems harder to get at the moment then Mozza or Cut. The pizzas here seem to be what everyone craves, you will watch them go by as you wait for your reservation. As you sit dreaming about what that thin crust taste likes as it hits your lips don't get frustrated, its worth the wait. Best advise it to call ahead at least a week and grab whatever time they are offering you. Otherwise pop on in and wait the 40 minutes or so for walk ins. The wine list is pretty sweet too!

1429 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291-3740
(310) 450-1429

OL's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in L.A.

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