News: Heart Beet Gardening!

Heart Beet Gardening!

                Be Still My Beating Heart, it's Heart Beet Gardening!

So we all know that eating organic can be a challenge sometime to our pocket books. With tomatoes being $3 a pound some places, I often get asked how can I eat organic without breaking my bank account. One solution, grow your own! Not sure how to do that? Heart Beet Gardening is here to show you how!

Heart Beet Gardening is a great Los Angeles based company started by three friends with a passion to promote sustainable gardening practices and urban agriculture by helping people grown their own food. 

Kathleen Redmond, Meghan Bomba and Sara Carnochan along with their trusty truck Darla will come to your house and design, install and maintain organic vegetable gardens and edible landscapes. 

The practices they use try to go beyond just organic as they work to create a balanced, healthy and bountiful garden. Should critters appear in your tomato plant no need to fear they use organic pest control methods like physical barriers, soap sprays and neem oil to shoo them away. 

The girls also are offering classes this summer via their website on subjects like kitchen gardens, seed propagation and drip irrigation. The classes range from $20 to $50 a session and sound like a blast. 

Don't have a ton of space, live in an apartment? The girls say that their mission is to get more people gardening. Most of their projects are small vegetable gardens not large yards. Start with the classes and begin growing a small variety of vegetables on your window sill. You would be surprised what you can do with a sill and some sunlight!

So go ahead take a look at Heart Beet Gardening and start growing your own! 

Happy Eating!

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