News: Let's Get To Cookin' !

Let's Get To Cookin' !

So you love the idea of delicious dinners from farmers market finds, but that idea isn't going to cook itself! Maybe your mama was one hot Italian lady but she only knew how to push the power button on the microwave. No matter the challenge or limitation have no fear, local cooking classes are here to help. Here is a list of some great classes that come highly recommended from friends across the country. So put down that take out menu and pick up your phone and get to cookin! Happy Eating!

New York

The Social Table

The Social table aims to bring friends and good food together in the hectic, high speed lives of local New Yorkers. Rebecca Goldfarb, a Southern California native and farmers market aficionado, started The Social Table after completing her degree of Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. The classes fill up a month in advance and are perfect to take friends or a hot date. The classes are $65 dollars each and you can even bring your own wine to drink, as you slice and dice the night away. The items she cooks with are found at the local farmers market during the day and as you leave the class she even gives you a copy of the recipes so you can try them again at home. With class subjects like "Global Cuisines", "Seasonal Classes" and "The Basics" everyone can find a class thats right for them. 

Los Angeles

The New School of Cooking

The New School is coming in hot! From their flashy knife skills classes that make you quick on the dice, Basic Vegetarian Classes that will help your you bring more bite to your basics, to Paris Bistro classes that demystify those fancy favorites. This place is the best! For the last 10 years the New School of Cooking bring fun to learning proper technique with local, seasonal ingredients. In this collaborative and casual cooking environment, what better way is there to learn! For those of you who are looking to bring your skills pro, they also offer part time professional cooking and baking programs throughout the year, which give students the training they need to become professional chefs or to cook like professionals. The professional series are designed to fit within the schedules of working people and meet once a week for four hours. Their classes start off at $75 dollars for their knife skills course and can go up to $2500 for their pro series. So get to cookin!

San Francisco/Berkeley

Kitchen On Fire

This kitchen is a place to laugh, learn, and eat while meeting new friends. Kitchen on Fire's vision is to help you bring together friends and family with food and spirits. Through fun and educational hands-on cooking classes, culinary demonstrations and lectures taught by top chefs and food professionals,  they demystify home cooking and entertaining. Kitchen on Fire works principally with organic food and support organic local small growers and winemakers. Their focus is on high quality seasonal ingredients, minimal preparation, maximum flavor, and zero stress. Their classes run from $65 for one off classes like "Grilled to Perfection" to $715 for their "Basics Series" classes. Cooking for the family or throwing a party with friends can be excitingly easy and delicious. Armed with the tips, tricks and techniques learned in our kitchen, you'll bring on the fire to your feasts. 

Know of any other great cooking classes/schools near you? Share your knowledge and let us know where you go!

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Know of any more great classes near you? Please add your comments and share your knowledge with all of us! Happy Eating!

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