News: It's our organic world! We are all living in it!

It's our organic world! We are all living in it!

Hello World! You found me! My name is Ali Jack and I will be your guide as I continue my journey into learning Organic Living. About a year ago now I was deeply effected by a incredible documentary called Food Inc. . The documentary explores the commercial food industry's detrimental effects on our health and environment. I was profoundly inspired and if you haven't seen it, go!  I was hungry for change and proceeded to discover the world of fabulous farmers markets and boy was food boring before! Now I have early spring fava bean risotto, organic roasted chickens rubbed with fennel pollen, watermelon radishes, garlic blossom flowers and oh so much more! Lets go discover the greatness of organic/ sustainable living and learn as we go!

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Agreed, organic is ancient wisdom made new today. The main negative I often hear is that we can't make as much food if we do everything organically... really? We won't have to eat as much junk food if the food we are eating is organic (read, full of nutrients and little to no pesticides). And we won't be damaging our growing regions for generations to come... and we won't have to pay corporation for seeds, pesticides, herbicides, etc. How in the world did the human race even survive before corporations took over our food supply? 8-)

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